Spagyric Essences

The word ‘spagyric’ comes from two Greek words meaning ‘to separate’ and ‘to reunite’, and refers to the process of preparation of the essences. During the process, the plant is separated, transformed, purified and recombined. The natural essence obtained is free from any toxic elements, and as safe and gentle to use as homoeopathic remedies.

The three dimensions of Spagyric Essences

The plant is separated into three parts:

  • Natural alcohol produced by fermentation. The Latin word for alcohol is ‘spiritus’.; the alcohol symbolizes the spirit of the plant.
  • Essential oils and volatile ingredients; the components related to mind and emotions.
  • Mineral salts and trace elements. Like nutritional mineral supplements, these are beneficial for the physical being.

So the essences address the whole person, in mind, body and spirit.

The use of spagyrically-prepared essences was pioneered by Paracelsus over 500 years ago. Today these essences are widely available on the continent, and prescribed by many medically qualified doctors there. They can be safely used alongside conventional medications.

The essences I use derive from the work of Dr G Naidu, a research scientist, naturopath and pharmaceutical chemist,  and are made at the Phylak-Sachsen laboratories. These essences are founded in ancient wisdom, yet encompass the latest scientific knowledge.  They help the individual to recover his inner balance, with himself (the microcosm), and with his fellow men, nature and the universe (the macrocosm).