About Me

I first became interested in homeopathy when m y children were young, and I wanted to find natural ways of enhancing their health. After using homeopathy in the family, I decided to do the 4 year training at the School of Homeopathy, then in Devon. I qualified in 1989, became registered in 1992 and have been in practice  since that time. I have had a full and busy practice for many years, seeing a wide variety of patients, and now work part-time from home, and at 2clinics.

Prior to becoming a registered homeopath, I worked as a qualified physiotherapist in hospitals in the NHS, and also completed an honours degree in Psychology in London. I taught a psychology course for the extra-mural department of London university, and a course introducing Nutrition to students at the London College of Fashion.

After having my children I taught ante-natal classes for the National Childbirth Trust for 12 years. I also completed a 2 year course in Counselling skills in the 80s before qualifying as a homeopath. I have worked with many people going through life transitions of one sort or another (eg. divorce or separation, bereavement, loss of a job, menopause, childbirth etc.), and as a result of my experience teaching ante-natal classes, feel I can offer help to women and give support to young families at a potentially challenging time.

Homeopathy has been a path of discovery for me. There is much that we all share in our journey from childhood to old age, - but each person’s life story is unique. Homeopathy honours our individuality and our humanity, and helps us find our unique pathway to expressing our highest potential in mind, body and spirit.